Easy Divers Academy El Gouna The Three Corners Rihana Resort El Gouna - Hurghada - Mer Rouge Egypte
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Phone +20 (0)6 53 58 00 27 -EXT: 32327

Email elgouna@easydivers-academy.com

Website https://easydivers-academy.com

Where are we located ?

El Gouna : Life as it should be !

  • Elegant Red Sea village
  • Located  25km north of Hurghada
  • Between the turquoise waters of the Red Sea and the desert mountains
  • The village is intertwined with lagoons
  • Spread on 11 km seafront
  • Sunny climate, warm and dry, whole year round

Easy Divers Academy : Dive as it should be !

  • Within The Three Corners Rihana Hotel and Resort, on the lagoon beach, since 1999
  • Transfers to/from all El Gouna hotels

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